The managed futures industry is saturated with trend-following programs.

The time has come to try something different.  The time has come for non-correlated returns in a consistent, low-volatility program.  In short, it’s time for you to look at CTS Asset Management.

Everyone says they’re different.

Our performance actually shows it.




Who We Are

CTS Asset Management is a Colorado-based emerging manager driven by Brian Bell’s nearly three decades in the futures industry. Backed by experience both as a CTA and an asset allocator, we know what you need – consistent, uncorrelated returns with low volatility.  But you also need best-in-class customer service and a company that makes due diligence easy.

We can give you both.

Brian Bell


Brian Bell has been in the futures industry since 1987, first as a trading system designer and technical analyst and later as a registered Commodity Trading Advisor and managed futures allocator.

As the former Director of Research of one of the top managed futures allocators in the world, he has first-hand experience evaluating and investing in emerging CTAs.

His vast knowledge of the managed futures industry is now being put to work for CTS Asset Management.  Put it to work for you, too.

Brian Bell's LinkedIn Profile
Brian Bell’s LinkedIn Profile

What We Do

If you’re a managed futures investor, you know the managed futures industry is packed with trend-following programs.  If you want another trend-following program, it’s easy to find.

But if you’re looking for something different, we can supply it.

We adhere to a rigorous systematic trading methodology based on short-term trading models and diversification among sectors, markets, and time frames.

  • Short-term trading models.  By sticking with short-term trading models, we are confident that the returns from the Flagship Program will be uncorrelated with trend-following.  Using short-term trading models also allows us to greatly expand the number of uncorrelated return streams we harvest by using unconventional timeframes, which trend-followers can’t do. (Ask us why this is.)
  • Diversification is good. That is one of our core beliefs.  Focusing on a small number of sectors or markets might outperform during short time periods, but we believe that a diversified program will provide higher risk-adjusted returns over any significantly longer period of time.  We diversify across trading models, sectors, and markets, and we particularly emphasize diversifying across unconventional time frames most other market participants don’t use.
  • We trade systematically.  We conduct meticulous research to develop high-reliability trading models.  We then employ them in a rigorous, systematic trading framework.  We don’t trust in gut instinct and we don’t let our emotions affect our decisions – we let the science and mathematics work for you.
  • We trade both financial and commodity markets.  Unlike most systematic CTAs, we have a significant risk budget allocated to physical commodities – metals, energies, and soft commodities.  This provides another potential source of alpha you won’t typically get from large trend-following advisors.


CTS Asset Management LLC is registered with the U.S. Commodity Trading Futures Commission as a Commodity Trading Advisor and is a member of National Futures Association (ID 0495674).

Brian Bell is registered as an Associated Person and is an approved principal of CTS Asset Management LLC.  He is also an associate member of National Futures Association (ID 0332429).

For important risk disclosure and other information, please request the CTS Asset Management Disclosure Document.

The risk of loss in futures trading is substantial. The CTS Asset Management Flagship Program is offered only to investors that meet the criteria of a qualified eligible person as defined under CFTC Regulation 4.7.

The CTS Asset Management Privacy Policy

The Short Form

We will never sell your email address or any other information about you to anyone else.

The Long Form

The confidentiality of client information is of the utmost importance to CTS Asset Management LLC (CTS-AM).  During the course of opening Client accounts and managing the accounts, CTS-AM collects nonpublic personal information from its Clients which includes information provided by Clients on account applications and forms, and through transactions that occur in Clients’ trading accounts.  This includes account numbers for accounts maintained at financial institutions, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, social security numbers, income and net worth figures, credit information, and any other information requested by a third party (i.e., FCMs and IBs) necessary to open and maintain the account.

CTS-AM does not disclose any nonpublic personal information about its clients to anyone, except as may deemed necessary by CTS-AM to comply with the rules and regulations that govern CTS-AM’s CTA operations.  CTS-AM limits access to the information obtained from a Client to only those employees who need it to perform their job duties while providing services to the Client.  CTS-AM may share Client information with non-affiliated companies that work for CTS-AM in the capacity as independent contractors.  These companies may include compliance service providers that assist CTS-AM in compiling performance data and computing CTS-AM’s fees in accordance with CFTC and NFA Requirements.  Generally, the records provided to these service providers would be the daily and monthly statements generated by the FCM, the Client’s completed account forms, or other information that the Client may have provided to CTS-AM in the course of establishing and maintaining the account.   At times, CTS-AM may be required to furnish complete client records to regulators, legal counsel, courts of competent jurisdiction, or other entities as deemed necessary by CTS-AM or required by law.  In addition, CTS-AM may be required to furnish tax information to the Internal Revenue Service.

CTS-AM does not sell personal information related to its Client account.  Furthermore, no Client will be permitted to review other Clients’ records.

CTS-AM maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect clients’ nonpublic personal information.

CTS-AM will provide its Clients with notice of its privacy policy annually, as long as the Client maintains an ongoing relationship with CTS-AM.  If the Clients’ account(s) become inactive or closed for some reason, CTS-AM will continue to treat and safeguard Client information as described in this notice.